The Kunde family grows 25 varieties of grapes on their 1,850-acre
ranch, in vineyards that follow the contours of the countryside.
Their land fronts the Sonoma Highway on one side and climbs
into the Mayacamas Mountains on the other,
encompassing seven different microclimates and soil types that range from deep loam to rock to 5 million year old volcanic ash. Soils and climates are matched to varietals, with the richest reds grown in the highest, hottest vineyards and tender Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs planted in the cool, rich loam along the valley floor. From a distance the land looks quilted, adorned with tidy rows of feather stitches. The rows look even tidier after the cover crops have been removed for the season, adding rusty red to the palette of bright greens, browns and yellows.

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